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The Character Builder is a media authoring tool that installs on your PC and lets you generate unlimited, royalty-free materials in HTML5, Flash, and video. The tool is unique in the way it embraces animated characters that interact with users and media elements to create compelling user experiences. Download a free trial.

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Need a quick character for your website? Sign up for our Character Hosting service, create your own module online, then use an embed tag to link it into your site. Try our free level, then sign up for a level-of-service plan.

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Need a quick movie clip? Our Dial-a-Clip service lets you create and preview a movie online, then, for a small fee, download it as a royalty-free MP4 file for use on YouTube or in video editing software.

Build Applications with Character

Pick a character and enter some text. Add actions such as Look, Point, and Show. Then watch as the software creates a smooth, natural delivery. The character can even speak messages on cue, like a puppet, reacting to events much like a live person would.

Most characters are available in head, bust, and body formats and are capable of speech, emotion, and gestures. Many can be customized using logos and swappable clothing. Some can even be made in your own likeness using a photo. You can use your own voice, or that of a voice talent. Or save time with our high-quality Text-to-Speech addons.

The optional Character Server software generates streaming media from arbitrary text, and connects to leading AI software, such as AIML and ChatScript, to power Learning Agents and Conversational Virtual Assistants.

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