What is Character Hosting?

Need a quick way to add a talking character to your website? Character Hosting offers many of the features of the Character Builder and Server products, except that you create your materials online. Your media files remain on our servers, but appear seamlessly in your website.

Our growing list of templates lets you greet users, answer questions, chat, and more. With a knowledge of JavaScript, you can even use an API to play "dynamic messages" using text that is not known in advance, such as a stock quote or a user's name.

Our straightforward pricing is based on usage, and represents one of the best values in the industry. There is even a free level for non-commerical use.

Please consider our Character Builder and Character Server products, if your needs go beyond the capabilities of the templates.

How does it work?

Log in to your console and create a new scene. Choose from dozens of characters, many of them customizable.

Upload your own background images. Create messages using your own voice, or Text-to-Speech.

Preview your scene. When you are ready, get an HTML tag to insert into your web page.

Log in whenever you like to change your scene. Since your scene is linked to your site, your visitors will see your changes as soon as you publish them.

How is it priced?

Character Hosting includes several levels of service, including a free level for community use.

While the free level is suitable for a personal blog site, you will need a subscription plan to unlock all features, and to ensure a consistent, logo-free experience for all of your users.

Bronze $9.95 All characters, voices, and features
1,500 monthly audio stream guarantee
Silver $19.95 All characters, voices, and features
4,000 monthly audio stream guarantee
Gold $49.95 All characters, voices, and features
15,000 monthly audio stream guarantee

Additional streams are available for $28 per 10K or $220 per 100K.

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