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You've heard of animation generators. Pick a character, type in some text, and out pops a video. We do that. But we can also make them interactive. With behaviors defined by rules and scripts, your characters can appear to have a mind of their own as they respond to questions and engage in dialog. Known as embodied agents in the literature, we just call them virtual people. And they are now performing real roles on web sites, in kiosks, and in training. Try talking to one now, by clicking on the chat button below!

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People Builder

The People Builder service lets you build modules featuring virtual people. Choose from different module types for different functions, such as a slideshow, a training simulation, or a chatbot. Most modules use cartoon, stylized or realistic human figures, but some just use text chat. You can select gestures and emotions to enhance your scripts, and use a synthetic or recorded voice to speak them. You can link your modules to your site using an embed code, so you to make changes at any time. You can also export to standalone HTML5, SCORM, and Video formats. Modules support a JavaScript API, but no programming is needed for most applications. People Builder is free to try and simple to use. Sign up today!

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People API

Need to go beyond the People Builder? Media Semantics has partnered with Amazon AWS Marketplace to provide Web APIs for your virtual people.

The Character API uses cloud computing, edge caching, and HTML5 animation to deliver a dynamic, talking character experience to any device, at scale.

The Chatbot API is a cloud-based Natural Language engine that supports text-based chat, with support for gestures and emotion.

Start coding today with extensive tutorials and sample code on github. Become a Solutions Partner and gain access to expertise, custom animation rigs, and more.

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