The People Builder service is built on top of the Character API and the Chatbot API. If you are a content developer, or if you are a web developer and you don't have a high volume of dynamic content, then you may find the People Builder to be well-suited to your needs.

Media Semantics is also able to be your infrastructure and solutions partner for custom, at-scale solutions involving media, chat, and embodied agents, through its API products. Our framework encourages you to combine "best-in-breed" products, including third-party Text-to-Speech and Chatbot engines.

All Tutorials and the Reference Implementations require an API key. To get one, please enroll via the AWS Marketplace. API charges appear on the same monthly bill as your AWS infrastructure charges. API customers can also use a dashboard to configure their API keys.

Character API

The Character API is a cloud-based character animation service. The Character API is specifically designed for web application developers, and uses cloud computing, edge caching, and HTML5 animation to deliver a personalized, talking character experience to any device, at scale.

The Character API is available via the AWS Marketplace.

It's easy to get started with our hands-on tutorials:

Use our character catalog to explore the stock characters available through the Character API, and services to learn more about custom character development.

We'll show you how to use the Character API to meet a wide range of character animation needs. As we do so, we'll build up Reference Implementations that span your client, your server, and public web infrastructure APIs such as Character API and Amazon AWS Polly.

If you prefer, you can go directly to and to get started with the Reference Implementations.

Chatbot API

The Chatbot API is a modern, cloud-based Natural Language engine that supports text-based chat, and can be used in conjunction with the Character API to build embodied conversational agents.

The Chatbot API is available via the AWS Marketplace.

Start with our hands-on tutorial:

We will build up a Reference Implementation that spans your client, your server, and the Chatbot API service. You will learn how to to manage chat sessions, track user information between sessions, and integrate with internal and external services.

If you prefer, you can go directly to to get started with the Reference Implementation.

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